You’re never too young

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Nancy Yi Fan is only 16 years old, yet she’s written two books, Swordbird and Swordquest, which have been published. Inspired by the events surrounding 9-11 Fan wrote of a hero, Swordbird saying “In real life, we don’t have a Swordbird.  All we have is each other and I think it’s important for us to create that Swordbird by our understanding and friendship.” Fan spoke to a group of teenagers and encouraged them to write about what excites them. “From my research, I realized if you have the experience doing something — suppose you’re very good at a sport — when you write about it, it flows more naturally to you.” It’s never too late (or too early) to write.

Just Write!


Philosophy to Fantasy

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I have a certain image in my mind when I think of a professor of philosophy who has published articles and written various academic, philosophical works.  He is wearing a corduroy blazer with leather elbow patches.   He doesn’t pay attention to trends, whether in fashion or politics, preferring what is tried and true to whimsy.   He is pale from hours spent pouring through dusty tomes, with watery, pale blue eyes and round spectacles perched on the end of his nose.

Phil Smith is breaking out of the stuffy professor mold, delivering a fantasy adventure set in the medieval world. S  mith says he has always had an interest in fiction and fantasy stories and in 2003 he began writing “The Heart of the Sea.”  Encouraged by his wife to continue, he finished the first draft in 2005 and the novel will be published as an ebook this summer. How does a professor of philosophy find time to write? Smith worked on his book during school breaks and advises “It’s a matter of sticking to it; coming back to it… characters kind of come alive on you.”

How to Write a Fantasy Story

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