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Anne Rice is an author who has become a cult figure in the vampire subculture.  She transformed the image of vampires for a generation of readers, from mysteriously foreign to conflicted, seductive characters.  Born in New Orleans, a city rich with diverse religions and superstitious beliefs, Anne grew up Catholic.  She was fascinated with the symbolism of the church.  Anne’s mother struggled with alcoholism which created a sense of dread for the children, never knowing if she would be “sick”.  Her mother died when Anne was fourteen and a year later her father remarried and moved the family to Dallas.    


 Anne wrote stories from a young age.  She explored ideas that conflicted with her strict religious upbringing, so she left the church.  At 19 she went to San Francisco, lured by the promise of an artistic, hip community.   She married Stan Rice in 1961 and moved to Texas, but they were back in San Francisco a year later. They had their first child, Michele in 1966.   Michele at 4 years old was diagnosed with leukemia and she died two years later.  During Michele’s illness the couple turned to alcohol to cope. 

After Michele’s death, Anne’s alcoholism took over her life and drove the couple further and further apart. Anne went to Texas to stay with Stan’s family and six weeks later she returned for a fresh start with her husband.  In late 1973, she returned to her work. She began with a short story, Interview with The Vampire.  At the end of five weeks she transformed Interview into a novel.  The manuscript was rejected repeatedly, but finally in 1975 it was bought for $12,000.  The film rights sold months later and then paperback rights soon after.    


The intense sexuality, homosexual undertones and philosophical questions were different than anything on the market at the time.  It was met with critical distain and luke warm success.  She gave birth to her second child, Christopher,  in 1978.    The money she received from the sell of Interview allowed Anne to write full time.  She and Stan quit drinking and Anne published three erotic novels under a pseudonym.   She also wrote a sequel to Interview, “The Vampire Lastat” which reached the best sellers list within two weeks.  The San Fransisco writing community shunned her and disregarded her success.  


In 1988 “The Queen of the Damned” was published. It was the third installment of the vampire chronicles.  The family moved to New Orleans.  Rice was inspired and wrote “The Witching Hour”.  Rice’s fans are diverse, from disenfranchised teens to suburban mothers. Anne played a role of gothic queen, wearing costumes and arriving in a coffin to book signing events. By 1993, Rice had written 15 books.


Her first book, Interview with The Vampire was being made into a movie, with Tom Cruise in the lead role.  Rice didn’t approve of the casting choice, but when the movie was released, she recanted her doubts.  She continued to write prolifically, releasing nearly a book a year.   


In 1998, Anne fell into a mysterious coma. She was diagnosed with diabetes and had to slow down her frenetic pace.      



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  1. […] spell of the “Twilight” series of books, and before her, I was awash in the lushness of Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” series What is it about the modern vampire that makes we […]

  2. Anne Rice is simply the best fiction writer ever! Her work is amazing and it has survived time and has reached generations of readers that have related to her main characters (Vampire Chronicles). Personally, my favorite among the Chronicles is Memnoc the Devil… No words can express how this wonderful woman has contributed to the literary world. She is simply divine and is truly gifted with the power of putting into paper words that far describe simple objects and creating a different literary experience for a reader to go beyond his or her imagination and actually taking them to all these places and times thus being a part of the adventure. Not all that is dark is evil…

  3. I find it kind of funny that Anne Rice was shunned by the established writer’s community for so long. I wonder why….Silly stuck up people with their snobbish principles. I say, if it’s an enjoyable read, it’s a good book.

  4. this chick rocks, ive almost finished the vampire chronicles, i’ll be sad when i’m finished.

  5. Anne Rice is a great author. Correct. Stepehenie Meyer is a better author. Correct. I enjoy both. No arguements please. I just like Stephenie better. My opinion.

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